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Jennifer Brianne is an international author, speaker, and podcast host. As a native of Jonesboro, Arkansas she reaches international audiences on a weekly basis with her encouraging, engaging, and empowering content. 

She is currently All But Dissertation for her doctorate in Instructional Design and Development while continuing to produce literature that changes lives. In addition to teaching courses at South College, she is the proud wife of Sergeant Isaiah J. Curtis and they have two wonderful blessings from above that they get to call children. 

Jennifer enjoys the silence of the morning and the wee hours of the night to read, write, and reflect. Her free time consists of loving on her family while enjoying corny dad jokes.



Powerfully charged and highly energetic Jennifer delivers messages that empower individuals to channel her inspiring words to enact personal change. Jennifer finds joy in taking the stage to orate dynamic spiritual insight and practical strategies to apply God's word to every day living. She has been invited to many platforms as a keynote speaker to deliver transformation in the form of words and instruction. Additionally, she speaks weekly on her podcast, Wise Women that spans to international audiences. 



Jennifer is on a mission to serve life, hope, salvation, and prayers to those most often forgotten - the incarcerated. The journey of writing one inmate led to the founding of a ministry that serves those incarcerated with written correspondence in the form of monthly bible studies and prayers accompanied with regular correspondence. Since its inception in 2019, she has organized over 5,000 letters to inmates across four states in three different languages on an on-going basis. In addition to advocating for prisoners, she serves young women through mentorship, scholarship, and service via her Girl Stop Empowerment (GSE) Group. Over $1,500 in scholarships have been awarded to outstanding GSE girls.



Jennifer Brianne is a best-selling international author to "The Power of the Secret Place: How to Cultivate an Intimate Prayer Life". She is also the author of "Girl Stop & Speak: Affirmations for the Life You Want to Live" and "Letters to Inmate #120739". As she continues to reach international audiences, her works have been translated into different languages. She continues to write books that lead readers on a path to self-exploration to deepen their walk with Christ. Additionally, she has worked with other aspiring authors to ghostwrite and publish their works, sharing in the gift of authorship.

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